The Early History of Wedderburn Road


Looking into the history of Wedderburn Road certainly wetted our appetite for researching local history! Since publishing the website we have continued to research the history of the two fields which became Wedderburn Road and have traced their history in written documents back to the 1700s. We have turned this information into a talk which we would be more than happy to present to interested groups.

In the talk we follow the characters and families who have involved in the development of Wedderburn Road and the immediate area back over 300 years and look at how they influenced its development.

We will be giving the talk to Friends of Malvern Museum on 26th September 2014 at Christchurch Hall, Avenue Road.  The talk starts at 7.30 pm.

If you can’t get to this talk but would like to hear our talk, please contact us.

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