Muntjac Deer Spotted

A muntjac deer spotted in a garden in Wedderburn Road, Malvern

A muntjac deer spotted in a garden in Wedderburn Road 2 August 2012

On 2nd August 2012 a muntjac deer was spotted in a back garden in Wedderburn Road. It stayed around for most of the day.

No one has ever seen one before in the street. We are in a residential area, though we are relatively close to the edge of Malvern and perhaps 500m from farmland. A number of muntjac deer are known to live in scrubland on the hills.  These deer have also been seen in Langdale Wood near the Three Counties Showground.

The garden where it was spotted adjoins the site where planning permission for the development of four houses has been granted. The developers started clearing the site two days before the muntac deer was seen in the garden. Is this a coincidence or has the deer been living undisturbed in the undergrowth of the building site for some time?

Muntjac deer live in the wild in quite a few areas of Britain. They were brought to England in 1900 by the Duke of Bedford and it wasn’t long before some escaped from their Woburn Abbey home. They are now regarded as a real threat to wildlife since they destroy native wild plants and bird habitats. They also reproduce like rabbits. In fact the muntjacs are regarded as the country’s most dangerous and destructive deer. However, the shy and sensitive deer that helped itself to shrubs and plants in Wedderburn Road, that was frightened off by a cat and that lingered long enough for its doe like eyes to win admiration, was still a welcome sight!

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