Jubilee Monday: Go Cart Time Trials


Jubilee Go-Carting

Roy had spent many hours designing, constructing and painting a go cart for this event. It was designed in the style of a 1950s go kart and made from a wooden frame on a pram chassis. It passed almost all the health and safety restrictions and sported some very appropriate decorations to mark the occasion. Permission had been granted to close part of the road during the afternoon to allow the time trials to take place.

The children’s races went first with children gradually becoming more confident.  It was eventually won by a 9 year old girl from the Road.

Children chasing one of the adult go cart competitiors

The Go Kart winner's cup displayed during the races

Some spectacular speeds (honestly!) were recorded for the adults section, until one of the wheels decided it could no longer take the strain. Many residents lined the pavements to cheer on the competitors. It was a relaxed affairs with deckchairs for comfort and with cups of tea, beer and shared biscuits, though not necessarily in that order.

Seeing a road empty of cars was a rare treat. This children really enjoyed the experience of being able to run up and down the road without any interruptions.

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