The research for this story has been totally pleasurable. It has relied significantly on the memories shared by present day Wedderburn Road residents who generously gave their time to reminisce. Special thanks go to Rosa, Una, Jill, Roy and Margaret and others who wish to remain anonymous. The series of oral history books published by Malvern Museum have been most helpful, especially the accounts provided by Dorothy and Rosemary.


Below is a list of the resources used.

Malvern Voices: CHILDHOOD An Oral History, 2001

Malvern Voices: SCHOOLS An Oral History, 2002

Malvern Voices: WARTIME An Oral History, 2003

The Oral History Series, published by Malvern Museum, provide fascinating accounts of Malvern life recorded by residents interviewed at the turn of this century.  Edited by Gill Holt, they are still available

The Guarlford Story, 2005, The Guarlford History Group

The Guarlford Scene, 2009, The Guarlford History Group

The Forest and Chase of Malvern, 2007, Pamela Hurle

Science Comes to Malvern, 2009, Ernest Putley

Malvern Through Time, 2009, Brian Iles

The Guarlford History Group is also responsible for posting some fascinating recollections of village life on Guarlford’s village website: ~ well worth a visit.

Another website that has been helpful with local First World War research can be found at:

The Malvern Stevens’ and Kelly’s Street Directories are interesting archives. Those used for this booklet were:

Stevens 1901, 1902, 1905, 1923;

Kelly’s 1938, 1950, 1960

Malvern Gazettes for 1922 and 1923 are absorbing and these and many more can be read on microfiche reels at the Public Library