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The picture on the front page of the Window on Wedderburn site is a compilation showing many different aspects of Wedderburn Road.  Here are a details of the images included in the picture.Every picture or map can tell a story. For example, the map that has been used above to show Wedderburn Road in more detail was produced at the beginning of the 1950s. Within the circle, the wide space which has a track marked diagonally across was an orchard and was also used for rearing pigs. Land use and housing development can be an enjoyable study with maps like these.

The map also gives tantalising details of households at that time. There are four buildings marked on the property to the left of the orchard land, but in fact only one was a house; the rest were outbuildings used by the dairy to store milk churns, stable the cart horse (Dolly) and provide garages for those in the road who had cars (not many!). This information comes from eye witness accounts which provide extra, often fascinating glimpses into what the map has merely hinted at.

The other pictures above provide further windows into life in Wedderburn Road in recent times, and when it was once called Barbers Hill. The wedding group posed in front of a house just round the corner from Barbers Hill in 1909. The newly-weds, John and Polly Tandy, would spend their tragically short married life in Barbers Hill.  The colour photographs record scenes and events that took place much more recently. Wedderburn Road held its own Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Children’s cake competitions and community go-cart racing were just two of the many activities enjoyed by almost 200 neighbours and friends.

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