Diamond Jubilee Fun and Games 2012


Wedderburn Road celebrates the Diamond Jubilee weekend

Back in 2002, Wedderburn Road neighbours had celebrated the Queen’s Golden Jubilee with a coffee morning and barbecue. This was very successful and is well remembered. As the Diamond Jubilee approached, some of the residents decided it would be nice to repeat the celebrations and an organising committee was set up. People started dreaming up all sorts of events. The garden party and barbecue were repeated but this time we also held a cheese and wine party, children’s activities, go kart racing and a local walk. The chief aim was to ensure that people of all ages in the road felt included and enjoyed themselves. The events were all financed by the residents, with the aim of breaking even. In the end we raised nearly £800 which was donated to four charities – £180 was given to each of the four charities: St Richard’s Hospice, Acorns Hospice, BLESMA (British Limbless ex-Servicemen’s Association) and All Saints Church, Malvern Wells. This was far in excess of our expectations (the Golden Jubilee had made a profit of about £60) but a very welcome outcome. Thanks to all those who helped!

The Weather was Kind

The events were spread over the whole of the Jubilee weekend and so at the mercy of the weather. We were very lucky. The first event was on Saturday evening: a cheese and wine party.

Heavy rainfall flooded gardens on Jubilee Sunday

Heavy rainfall flooded gardens on Jubilee Sunday

Putting up the street decorations was supposed to happen on Sunday but it rained all day, so this didn’t happen until Monday morning. Heavy rainfall flooded gardens on Jubilee SundayThe Sunday rain also gave cause for concern for the Monday events, the main day, with the garden hosting the garden party underwater for much of the day. Monday dawned dry and clear, so we were able to go ahead. It remained fair on Monday for the coffee morning, children’s activities and go kart racing, though it was definitely chilly by the evening for the barbecue! The local walk on Tuesday was rather damp, but spirits were still high, so it didn’t spoil things too much.

A Weekend to Remember

Wedderburn Road decorated in preparation for the Diamond JubileeThe weekend really did provide everyone in Wedderburn Road with something to remember for the Diamond Jubilee. There was the sight of flags decorating the street, no cars in the road for the Monday afternoon, masses of lovely food and lots of chatting to neighbours.

Wedderburn Road decorated in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee

Wedderburn Road decorated in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee

All the children up to the age of 16 who live in Wedderburn Road were given specially commissioned Jubilee coasters as a memento.

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