Further Wedderburn Research

Since putting this website together, we have expanded our research on Wedderburn Road further back in time and learnt how the fields it was built in fitted into the rest of the area. It revealed many interesting facts and explanations of why things are the way they are. We will add this information to the website in time, but at the moment, it is only available as a talk. Please contact us, if you would like to hear this talk.

Barnards Green Memories

Barnards Green Then and Now - a book about this history of the shops of the areaBuilding the Wedderburn collection of memories was great fun, so we decided to expand the area to cover the whole of Barnards Green, especially the shops, as we knew many people have fond memories of these formed over the last eighty years. In 2017 we formed the Barnards Green History Group.

We created posters showing the history of each individual shop with the support of the Barnards Green Traders Association and generously funded by the Route to the Hills project. Following this success, we published our first book detailing the history of each of the shops and who has lived and sold from them over the last 150 years.  It is in full colour, though a lot of the photos are inevitably black and white, and is 64 pages long.

It costs £4.50 and is available from the following outlets in Barnards Green:

  • Just So
  • Barnards Green Post Office
  • The Café in the Green
  • Natural Choice
  • The Cheeseboard
  • Elite Service Centre

If you are unable to reach Barnards Green but would like a copy, you can buy one by post (plus postage, £1.30 in UK). Please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

All proceeds from the book go to help charities supported by the Barnards Green Traders Association.